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Vazhuvoor S palaniappan Pillai was born On 15- 6 -1961 .he was the first grand son of padmasri natyakalakesari vazhuvoor B Ramaiah pillai and elder son of kalaimamani natyakalasamarat vazhuvoor Samraj .He learnt music from his maternal grand father Chidambaram S. Gopalakrishan he was the elder brother of the C.S .JAYARAMAN And he also learnt mridangam from Rathanasababapathi and Vinayagaram He learnt dance basics from guru Muthuswamypillai and later continued by his grand father and father.he started learning nattuvangam from the age of 12 and started to help his grand father and father careers at the age of twenties Some of the programmes he accompanied nattuvangam with his father was arangetram.In maurautis for ulagatamaizh manadu in 1990 and many more.he did nattuvangam for his father diciple gopikavarma at trivandrumpalace the swathithirunal festival the year 1989,chicago aurora srinivasaperumal on mahakumbhishekam in the year2003. Andalcharthiam then later in tanjore big temple of brahannatyanjali in 2007 and in thiruvayaar in music college ,karur music college.In 2010 the shree charan made a place world classical tamil meet, and also in the celebrations 1000yrs of the tanjore Brihadeshwara temple etc.

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2 thoughts on “Watch “Vazhuvoorar Sadirnatyakatcheri Live Stream” on YouTube”

  1. Bharathanatyam Arangetram of Sahanasree V
    23rd April 2021
    At the outset I thank Sri Vazhuvoor Palaniappan Pillai for inviting me to participate as a Guest of
    Honour at the Arangetram of Kumari Sahanasree at Coimbatore on the 23rd April 2021. I deeply
    regret that I am unable to participate in the function due to the sudden surge in the Covid 19
    Pandemic across India. However I send across my best wishes to the budding dancer of the
    legendary Vazhuvoorar Bani
    There is no doubt that Sahanasree would have given an exemplary performance today. When
    one has a Guru like Sri Vazhuvoor Palaniappan Pillai what else can one expect. ? She is indeed
    extraordinarily blessed to come under the tutelage of such an exemplary Guru.
    The relationship between our families goes back a long way to over 75 years. My mother Radha
    Viswanathan was the indeed the first disciple of Vazhuvoorar Sri Ramaiah Pillai. She must have
    been hardly 8 years then. The dance sequences of Kumari Kamala and my mother for the
    immortal film “Meera” were choreographed by Vazhuvoorar.
    In the mid forties the dance performances of my mother along with Anandi Ramachandran
    (daughter of Kalki Krishnamurthy) used to run to packed auditoriums. It must also be mentioned
    that my Grandmother Dr M.S.Subbulakshmi used to sing for the “Radha Anandi” dances.
    Vazhuvoorar on Nattuvagam & Subbulakshmi on the vocals. Once an only imagine what a divine
    treat it must have been for the audience.
    It is indeed an exceptional honour to have eminent personalities like Kalaimamani Anita Ratnam
    & Kalaimamani Vidwan Tiruvarur Bhakthavatsalam grace the Arangetram function today . As
    the years roll by, I am sure that Sahanasree will always remember with great pride this
    momentous day when she performed her arangetram in the presence to such legendary
    I once again congratulate Sahasnasree and also her parents Smt Lavanya and Sri Vishnu Prakash for this
    memorable and grand function.
    Stay safe all of you
    My best wishes
    V Shrinivasan
    (Grandson of Bharat Ratna Dr M.S.Subbulakshmi and Sri T Sadasivam)


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