Disciples of Guru Vazhuvoor S Palaniappan Pillai


Suganya Rajan

DSC_0212Suganya, a B.com student is learning Bharathanatyam for the past 9 years under the tutelage of Guru Vazhuvoor S palaniappan. She also learnt Carnatic Music from Vidhwan. Ambikapuram Shivaramam, Palakkad. A beautiful dancer she is, has given more than 20 group performances and participated in Natyanjali festivals held at Mayiladuthurai, Chidambaram, Thiruvarur and also performed in Naradha Gana Sabha  and the Annual Vazhuvoor Fest.

Sreya Srikanth

Sreya, a homeschooler has devoted her full time to learning Bharathanatyam and Music. She has been learning Bharathanatyam for the past 7 years under the able guidance of  Guru Vazhuvoor S. Palaniappan. She is learning Vocal and Veena from Guru Smt. Divya Mohan. A dedicated student she is, Sreya gave her arangetram in October 2016 at the age of 12.  Sreya has been part of more than 15 group performances and had the privilege of being part of Natyanjali festivals held at Mayiladuthurai,Pandhanallur,Chidambaram, Thiruvarur,Karur,Tanjore,Thiruvadaimarudhur. She has also participated in December dance festival conducted by Karthik Fine Arts in Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai and the Annual Vazhuvoor Fest. Her clean and perfect performance has won her many accolades at all the places she has performed.

Samyukta Vasudevan

Samyukta, being an energetic child got introduced to the world of Bharathanatyam from the age of four by Guru Vazhuvoor S.Palaniappan. She has

dsc_0014done her arangetram in December 2017 at the age of 9. She has given more than 15 group performances in many temples and Sabhas. She had the privilege of being part of Natyanjali festivals held at Chitambaram,Thiruvaroor,Mayiladudhurai and Karur. She has also participated in December dance festival conducted by Karthik Fine Arts in Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai.

Samyukta Uday


Samyukta Uday with an ambition to research on Classical Dance has been learning Bharathanatyam from the age of 5 for the past 7 years under the watchful eyes of Guru Vazhuvoor S. Palaniappan. She had the privilege of being part of Natyanjal Festivals conducted in Chidambaram,Mayiladudhurai,Pandhanallur, Thiruvarur and would like to be part of many such festivals. she is very much interested in carnatic music and also has a passion for drawing.



IMG_7363Mrinalini with an ambition to join Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a multitalented personality with high discipline and is learning Bharathanatyam for the past 8 years. She has performed in the Natyanjali Festivals held in Chidambaram, Mayiladudhurai and Pandhanllur. She is also learning Carnatic Music, Drawing, Abacus, Badminton, Tennis and Chess. She has won many prizes in Drawing and Abacus. She has also performed Carnatic Music in the Sharadambal Temple, Coimbatore. She is a Class Topper and has won the Disciplinary Award , best in MC (Master of Ceremonies) Award and budding Mathematician Award.

Rajitha Mahalakshmi

IMG_7379Rajitha Mahalakshmi being a student of MBA at GRG Krishnammal collage has shown great interest towards bharathanatyam and has been learning it for the past 15 years.Her pasion towards dance was well nurtured by her guru Vazhuvoor S Palaniappan. she has a great passion for arts and craft works for which she has won great appreciation.she has given many stage performances in chidambaram, thiruvarur, tanjavur, vazhuvoor and also in the annual vazhuvoorars festival in chennai.

Roopa Varshini.V.P

IMG_7372Roopa Varshini studying in 12th standard at GRG Krishnamal school has been learning dance for the past 4 years under Guru Vazhuvoor  S Palaniappan and has had the privilege in performing at the vazhuvoor temple, the annual Vazhuvoorar Festival and the annual Gurusamarpanam. She is very passionate about music and has been learning carnatic music, Thevaram and thirupugazh from Guru Oodhuvar Kumar and has performed in the Sharadhambal temple, GRG Navarathri melodies fest.

Sai Meera          


Sai Meera studying in sixth standard having an ambition to become a doctor and do service to needy, gave life to her passion for dance and started her dance lessions from  Guru Vazhuvoor S Palaniappan from the age of nine and has performed at Chidambaram, Thiruvaroor, Annual Vazhuvoor festival conducted at Bharati Vidya Bhavan, Chennai and at the annual Gurusamarpanam.  she has learnt carnatic music and is also interested in arts and crafts  .


Parvati Hari


Parvati’s journey in classical dance started at a very tender age of 3 when she took part in the school annual day function while in the nursery class. She took to the stage as a duck would to water and her talent was spotted through the dance items that she performed with a natural grace and confidence.
Wanting to encourage her further, she was enrolled into a local dance school in Coimbatore where she was introduced to classical dance. Though she was an outstanding student and picked up the nuances of the art easily, her parents were keen to train her under a proper guru. Their dream was realized, when in 2015, she became the disciple of Sri. Vazhuvoor Palaniappan, the third generation guru of the famous Vazhuvoor school of Bharatanatyam, which originated in the village of Vazhuvoor in Thanjavur district.
Her training under the watchful eyes Sri Palaniappan, who has the ability to understand each of his disciples and tap their full potential by focusing on their strong points, Parvati is now blossoming into a dancer in the true style of this art form.

Premalatha Senthil


Premalatha, a proud mother of 2 kids is a dance and music enthusiastic and has given many stage performances right from her school days. However her desire for learning the Traditional art form became reality only at the age of 40 when she joined Guru Vazhuvoor S.Palaniappan’s Dance school. Her love for the art was seen in her expression (abhinayam) filled performance in her Salangai Poojai and the Natyanjali festival in Chidambaram which happened in just 4 months of her joining the school. She is a B.Sc graduate from Krishnnamal College, Coimbatore.



 Master Veer

IMG_7391Veer developed an interest in classical dance when he was around 7 years. he enjoys learning and performing dance under the guidance of guru Vazhuvoor s Palaniappan who not only teaches bharathanatyam but allso infuses our cultural value in small doses.he got an opportunity to do a stage performance as little  krishna within 2 months of severe training. he learns carnatic music as well, and his other intersts are swimming, tennis and drawing.

Jahnavi Lakshminarayanan


Jahnavi being a citizen of Netherlands aged 11 showed interest towards our Indian culture and with family’s support started learning Bharathanatyam under the able guidance of Guru Vazhuvoor S Palaniappan .  With her master’s constant inspiration and motivation she has been learning the art through Skype for the past 6 to 7 years which has been a great achievement for her


WhatsApp Image 2018-10-16 at 8.31.47 AM

Shreya is a 8th grader in Coppell, Texas, USA who has learned dance with Guru Vazhuvoor S. Palaniappan since the age of 7. Guru’s exquisite teaching style, patience, and persistence have helped Shreya learn more about the beauty and greatness of dance. After having moved to the USA, Master Vazhuvoor S. Palaniappan still taught the same amazing classes through Skype. Shreya has been learning Bharatanatyam for six years and enjoys it very much.



HariPriya  N

20180904_113453Hari Priya learnt Carnatic Music for 3 years during her childhood. An ICWA and M.com graduate worked as an accountant for 10 years while staying away from Music field all those years. Her interest in Music made her take Music lessons from Guru Vazhuvoor S. Palaniappan again at the age of 45. She had the privilege of performing in the Orchestra during Karur Natyanjali Festival.